Camera lens for BR camera


Have anyone tried a different camera lens on the Blue Robotic camera?

I want to see if I can optimize the quality of the video, maybe a wide angle lense and IR filter.

I have tested various types of lenses, with an aperture from 100 to 180 degrees, I have not been able to improve the quality much, but my aim is to have the same vision of my gopro hero7 black that I have on board my bluerov2. With the 120 degree lens it is similar. I did this to see exactly what the gopro sees, with which I record in 4k. The only drawback is that the image with these wide-angle lenses is distorted on the sides. These days I bought a compatible camera on aliexpress but with a sony imx290 sensor and a 120 degree lens, and the image is almost perfect, even if the image quality has not improved much. The central area is in focus and slightly out of focus on the sides. However, having a 120 degree view, I can orient myself better during my explorations.

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Some notes from my previous discussion with Marco:

Seeing Better (Quality/Resolution)

EDIT: There’s some extra context provided in the ‘cameras’ section of this post

This is only relevant if you’re planning to use the camera quite a bit outside the water. Water absorbs IR light practically instantly, so adding an IR filter just slightly reduces the light that can enter through other wavelengths, without the normal in-air benefit of slightly better colour quality/correctness.

If you’re after colour accuracy/visibility enhancement underwater then you’ll need to look into cameras or processing that are specifically made for that. As a few potential avenues that have been mentioned on the forum, there’s

Forum Link Camera? AI-capable? Algorithm included? Sold By Notes
real-time colour-correction 1080p30 Yes Yes DeepWaterExploration
simple visibility enhancement No No Yes open source
the OAK-D-Lite 4K60/13MP Yes No Luxonis (2022) Includes stereo vision
OAK-1 4K60/12MP Yes No Luxonis no stereo, better low-light performance than OAK-D-Lite
video enhancement solution any Yes Yes EyeROV post-processing only
the camera mentioned here 1080p60 No No Mission Robotics apparently 4x low-light sensitivity of BR one, but not sure what camera it is
External Camera 1080p50 / 4k25 No No SpotX-UV low light sensors, zoomable lens or wide angle fixed-focus, 300m rated housing
Z Cam E2 pod 4k120 No No MarineSee Cinema quality, 10-bit colour, multi-lens support, can view live in Oculus 2 VR headset
GoPro Hero7 Black (and others) 4K60 No No GoPro non-centred lens, may be controllable via API

Seeing More (Angles/Directions)

Note that those are all focused on improving the quality of the image, not the viewing angle. If you want/need to see more around you you’ll need to look into

  • wider angle lenses (as you mentioned),
  • greater manoeuvrability (e.g. via a multi-axis gimbal), or
  • adding one or more extra cameras (see here for Companion and general information - BlueOS supports multiple camera streams by default, so it just requires receiving them at the topside).

Hi there, I’m wondering if anyone has new info about trying new and improved USB cameras instead of the original BlueROV2 camera?

I am selling a nice camera on the bay that I have used in a modified BlueRov2:
SONY FCB-EV7500 30x Optical Zoom HD Camera Module & TL-7051 Digital HD Interface
The camera delivers a great picture and has an incredible 30x zoom.

Anyone found a full HD Camera with 60fps that works with the bluerov? Doing lots of net inspections and if we move to fast the image gets blurry.