Video color and enhanced with Adobe Premiere Pro


I don’t know,but when you film underwater,do someone uses an editing program to get better picture/video color?

I was totally surprised how easy it was to remove green color from video use of Adobe Premiere Pro.

I use SL CLEAN KODAK C (Lumetri Color crative settings) you can choose many more.

I don’t have much experience in what colors,it should be on an underwater video.

Someone who has some knowledge about it?

Hi @an-ron,

Thanks for sharing this! I’ve added it to this table which covers some other video enhancement options you might also want to look at.

If you want to actually understand the physics involved, the Sea-Thru paper is a good reference :slight_smile:

You can use the best editing program, but if you go beyond 20/25m or operate in slightly murky waters, you will always have images with a green or blue cast. You would have much better results by fitting spotlights, perhaps not powerful ones but which have a CRI index of 100. WHAT IS THE CRI? In practice, a light with a CRI equal to 100 has the maximum possible color rendering, on the contrary, a light with a CRI equal to 50 returns very bland colors, similar, for example, to those of the best black and white photos .
The best light other than the sun is obtained with halogen lamps which have a color temperature of 3.3k but a CRI of 1, so the camera manages to balance the white perfectly. Or Even LEDs that have a CRI of 70-80 can be fine, you will still have a slight blue cast which you can then correct with an editing program as desired.

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