4K IP Camera on the ocean

I have now test my ip camera in sea water and it is difficult to find the right settings for IP Camera,when you are on the ocean with waves.

I tried AWB on Auto but that give me green screen so I tried using manual white balance,then all green disappeared from the screen.

Also tried with a white plastic plate attached to the anchor, but it was just a mess.

Haven’t tried ATW (Auto Tracking White Balance) but it’s probably almost the same as Auto White balance ?

When you are down to 15 metres and deeper in open sea, you must have light to get the colors from the IP camera?

Are there any other settings on the IP camera that I can adjust to get better colours and picture ?

IP Camera 4k 8MP Starvis IMX415 30x Optical Zoom:

Bluerov2 Low-Light HD USB Camera:

Hello @an-ron

As I assume you know, longer wavelengths such as red and orange are lost very quickly as depth increases. Therefore, regardless of the light capture capacity of the camera, which is very important (since a camera that captures color at 0.1 lux is not the same as one that captures color at 0.001 lux), it is undoubtedly essential to have good lighting, as explained in the following link.

Despite this, this can be corrected to a certain extent, if your camera has manual WB, from what I see in the video you share, you have to raise the red color much more, and not lower the green as much. On the other hand, lower the saturation a little to slightly eliminate the milky appearance of the water.

You have to play with these parameters as you increase the depth, but of course from a certain point without artificial lighting you have nothing to do. Since no matter how good the camera is, it cannot show a light wave that does not exist due to its loss due to depth.

This is a comparative example of a quality IP camera, with well-corrected manual WB, and the old BR2 camera in parallel without correction.

All of these corrections also depend on the turbidity and, if applicable, the amount of plankton in the water, since both absorb and reflect a lot of light.



Hello, Andres

That link to (Understanding color loss underwater - John Rander) it was very well explained regarding colors and light underwater :grinning:

I just adjusted only red color and blue color in manual WB not green color or saturation.

I will try to change a bit on green color and saturation.

Also these two things are turned on HLC AND BLC. don’t know if these need to be switched on or off under water.

La prima cosa da fare é accendere i fari, io qui in Italia nel lago di Iseo, ho sempre acqua molto torbida, e senza la luce giusta diventa difficile operare. E se vuoi filmati con poca sospensione devi allontanare i fari dalla camera, in modo di avere una zona buia davanti per almeno 60cm. E lascia impostato il bilanciamento del bianco in automatico, dopo varie mie prove con tante camere, é ancora la soluzione migliore.