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Expand the horizontal field of vision Low-Light HD USB Camera

Hi! I need to expand the horizontal field of vision of my ROV to at least 120 degrees. Currently I have the Low-Light HD USB Camera. Has anyone already done it? Do I need to change the lens?

Thank you!

I tried earlier to put in the wide lens from the old Raspberry BR camera, same threading.
That gave much wider view, you could see the frame of the ROV.
Not same quality as original lens, but useable.

Thank you Boko for your advise. I bought some lens M12 but from other brands because I didn`t find BR camera lens. I will told you about this upgrade and if that lens are usefull.

Best Resgards!

We have had good results with runcam. See this link. I normally get the 2.3mm RC23. https://shop.runcam.com/fov-150-1-3-2-3mm-wide-angle-lens/

You will loose alot of your field of view because of the buoyancy covers but i have a 3d printed camera extension that brings the camera out to the dome and fixes this issue. Ill share it here when im at my computer.