Camera doesn't autofocus

Advanced electronics, the video is vague in ardusub, unless it’s very close to the target.

how to fix it? Thank you very much!

The lens can be adjusted if the focus isn’t correct by loosening the set screw and twisting the lens.

Hi Ooyama,

The camera can be refocused by loosening the set screw and rotating the camera lens. It’s possible that it was bumped or unfocused during assembly. Let me know if that helps!


Hi Rusty.

Related to the camera and its lens, for our application, I would like to have a “narrower” field of view.
Would it help to remove the provided wide-angle lens and work without it?
Is there any reason for not to remove this lens? Would it be difficult to put it back again?


>Would it help to remove the provided wide-angle lens and work without it?

Removing the wide angle lens wouldn’t accomplish what you want, but you might be able to find a narrower angle lens replacement.
>Would it be difficult to put it back again?

Not really. It’s simply threaded into the lens holder.

@Vagelis - This is the Raspberry Pi v2 Camera, which normally has a field of view around 60 deg. We remove the original lens and add a new lens holder and lens. If you want a narrow field of view, I would recommend replacing your camera with a new Raspberry Pi v2 Camera without any modifications.

Here’s the official page for that camera where you can find a distributor near you: Buy a Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2 – Raspberry Pi

I hope that helps!


Thanks Rusty.
I already own PI cameras.
I will give them a try and post the results.

@Rusty Thank you for help, the focusing looks better now, one more question, I saw the bitrate of QGC is quite high which is about 8M/s, but the video displayed is like 360p, I can merely tell a milk box brand 2 meters away. Is there any way to improve it?

@ooyama - The default resolution is set up for 1640x922 pixels. Can you post a screenshot to see what it looks like?

Yes, here is the image took by phone and screenshot

@ooyama - Thanks for the comparison images. The cell phone image is much higher resolution (4608x3456 versus 1284x709) but it also looks like the BlueROV2 image is slightly out of focus as well.

Can you try adjusting the focus slightly by loosening the lens screw and adjusting the lens slightly.


@Rusty - Thank you very much and merry x’mas. I adjusted the focus again, and here is a screenshot I took from balcony.Why is the upper and bottom part of screen looks vague?
Thank you for your help again and happy new year.

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Hi Rusty,

When your techs set the focus of the camera, do they do it though the curved End Cap or in open air as my camera seems to be a little soft in the focus in open air?




Is your rov focusing like mine? I just want to know if the vague is common, thank you very much!

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@Ooyama - the image from your camera does look particularly blurry at the edges. Most of our cameras do not have that effect. Perhaps the lens the damaged or defective. I’d be happy to send a replacement to see if that fixes the issue. Shoot me an email at if you’d like to do that.

@Tom - We focus the cameras in air with no dome. The dome should not have an effect on focus. We did recently find out that the Raspberry Pi v2 camera changed slightly and the camera is now mounted on a foam pad. That foam seems to expand and contract occasionally and change the focus. We have started removing the foam entirely to avoid that issue.


Hi Rusty,

At what point in time did you start removing the foam?

I bought my RPi camera from BR fairly recently.

Can you provide instructions for removing the foam from cameras that you did not remove the foam from?




We just started doing that last week. We’ve tested a lot that have the foam and a small percentage seem to go out of focus over time. This doesn’t happen once the camera is better secured.

You can update yours by removing the lens holder, lifting the camera with a razor blade, scraping away the foam, then securing the camera with a small drop of CA or other adhesive.


Hi Rusty,

Thanks for the foam removing instructions, much appreciated.


Tom C

I will as well. I seem to have a focus issue as well. Im still trying to get into the rasberrypi command line in order to access the camera settings. I had some light saturation issues in the bright sunlight.

Thanks Rusty