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Camera doesn't autofocus

(Grand_Ours) #21

I go back to the subject, because I think I have the same problem as Ooyama.
At the first pool test, we did not notice any blurring.
But we have done sea trials today and we have a blurry image, despite the various adjustments lens we have not managed to have a clear picture.
If you have a solution, I’m interested.

I have another camera (old) for raspberry, I take risks to try with this one?
thank you in advance

(Jacob) #22

@xav83130 are you having trouble with the focus on our USB camera? Can you take a screen shot?

Also consider @adam’s advice in this post.

(William Gallagher) #23

The lens adjustment tool. I was lucky to have one in my v2. should be able to fine tune the lens. https://www.adafruit.com/product/3518