RasPi Cam dependance of resolution, aspect ratio, field of view


first, I´m using a wide angle raspberry cam by joy-it, not the standard one… (Link , sorry, only german)
Probably someone can check if it´s a specific issue.

While trying to optimize steaming settings and switching resolutions I realized the field of view also changes. Especially 1920x1080 seems to be very narrow.
Here is the capture:

This is 1280x720:

4:3 aspect Ratio gives even more field of view (1024x768):

Am I missing something?

Hi Marc,

The Raspberry cam has a set of modes that it can operate. Here’s the list of possible modes:

2592×1944 1-15fps, video or stills mode, Full sensor full FOV, default stills capture
1920×1080 1-30fps, video mode, 1080p30 cropped
1296×972 1-42fps, video mode, 4:3 aspect binned full FOV. Used for stills preview in raspistill.
1296×730 1-49fps, video mode, 16:9 aspect , binned, full FOV (width), used for 720p
640×480 42.1-60fps, video mode, up to VGAp60 binned
640×480 60.1-90fps, video mode, up to VGAp90 binned

If you’re not in one of those modes, it’ll either not work or be forced into one of these modes. As you’ll notice, the 1920x1080 mode is cropped to a smaller field of view.

I’d recommend trying 1296x730, which is a similar aspect ratio but full FOV.

I know it’s a little strange! I’m not sure why it was designed this way.


Hi Rusty,

makes sense now, thanks!

Probably you could add this information to the software documentation or setup guide.
Since default value is 1920x1080 cropped, people might want to change to get wider FOV…


We did not have an easy way to change the resolution until recently, and now the USB camera is standard with the BROV2.