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Depth of field of the Low-Light HD USB Camera

Is the depth of field of the Low-Light HD USB Camera when mounted in the standard electronics enclosure known?

Do you mean the Raspberry Pi low-light HD camera?


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Thanks Darrell. I’m referring to Blue Robotic’s Low-Light USB camera It seems to have different specifications to the Raspberry Pi cameras - eg Blue Robotics camera is:

Field of View (Horizontal) 80°
Field of View (Vertical) 64°
Focal Length 2.97 mm

Raspberry Pi cameras are;

Focal length 3.60 mm +/- 0.01 3.04 mm
Horizontal field of view 53.50 +/- 0.13 degrees 62.2 degrees
Vertical field of view 41.41 +/- 0.11 degrees 48.8 degrees

A depth a of field value is not available from our supplier.

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