Accurate FOV in Camera Specs?

I am using the Low-Light HD USB Camera: Low-Light HD USB Camera with Wide-Angle, Low Distortion Lens (

The Vertical FOV is given as 64 deg, Horizontal as 80 deg. However, from some tests, it appears that the FOV is smaller than these values, though my test setup may be flawed.

Should I trust the FOVs given in the technical documentation, or is it possible that the actual V&H FOV are smaller?

Thank you.

Hi @henry34, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As I understand it those are the values provided by our supplier. Any manufactured product will have some tolerance around its specifications, but you haven’t said how significant the differences are between what you measured and the expected values, so it’s hard to comment meaningfully. Also, the context of how you’re testing this, and why, are relevant here.

From a quick search, the following forum threads may be of interest:

Sorry about that. Specifically, the I measured the vertical FOV to be 64 deg, consistent with the documentation. However, I measured to the horizontal FOV to be 68 deg, which is different than the 80 deg specified. I haven’t changed any settings or messed with any parameters – this is basically just out of the box. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before. Thank you.

If the vertical value is correct then it’s unlikely to be an issue with how you’re measuring, but a 15% difference from the specified horizontal value is quite significant.

  1. How are you viewing the video stream?
    • It’s possible you’ve got your viewing software configured to fit to height, in which case if the window you’re viewing the video in is square-ish then the sides will get cropped off from the display.
    • You can try changing your viewing application’s video display settings, or shrinking the window height to see whether there is additional frame width that comes into view.
    • You could also try viewing the stream in a different application, although that shouldn’t be necessary.
  2. The default video stream should be 1920x1080, which should cover the full frame of the camera
    • That said, it might be worth checking the video stream configuration, just in case you’re using a lower resolution stream that uses a cropped part of the frame.
  3. If you’re viewing the default stream, and you’re sure you’re seeing the full frame, then I’d recommend contacting our support team to report a problem with the product - the advertised specs shouldn’t be so far off.