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Raspicam specifications in water


I was wondering what the specifications are for the raspicam used in the (standard) BR2 when the vehicle is underwater. Considering that the camera is mounted behind the dome, I would expect the FOV to be the same as above water without a dome. For reference, we have:

Horizontal FOV: 62.2 degrees
Vertical FOV: 48.8 degrees.

Will these be the same when used on the BR2 submerged? And will any of the other specifications change when the BR2 is submerged compared to the camera being above water?

Best regards,

Hi Bent,

If mounted at the center of the dome, the field of view will be the same whether in water or not. If mounted with a flat end-cap or too close to the dome (which approximates a flat end cap), then the field of view will be narrower.


Thank you, Rusty!