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Reflection on dome?

(Thorleif) #1


I’ve test dived the bluerov in freshwater on a pretty light day, and i get some bad reflections? Anyone know what i can do with that?

For the most part i can see the whole camera module :stuck_out_tongue: Its about 0-1meter depth there

(Kaos) #2

Not sure what you can do other than use a sun shade of some sort on top of dome. Pointing away from the light will help but it will still have reflection problems due to the closeness of the surface of the water.

(Thorleif) #3

Allright so it is probably only the sun which is making it so reflective :slight_smile: need to try it lower then next time :slight_smile:


Can I suggest that you adjust the distance between the camera and the dome? The light transfer through the dome is not the same when you try it air and this can give some pretty horrible results if the camera isn’t aligned. However, you should always get a fairly good image from the centre of the picture, provided that the camera axis is aligned with the front of the dome.

The other issue that may be in play here is condensation, do have enough room in your enclosure to stuff in some silica gel?

Either way, you should be getting much better quality than the pictures you’ve shown here.

(Thorleif) #5

I have to test more, i got the BlueROV2 so should not need to move much, seemed much better in salt water than fresh and deeper!

Problem is that my second test on this ROV ended in WTC leakage. I FORGOT THE DARN VACUUM PLUG!!!

So main chamber was filled with smoke and flames. Should have been crying now but big boys dont cry. Need to save up money now to buy a new raspberry pi, 6 new ESC and a 4" tube since the old one burned a bit. Maybe a new dome too :frowning:

So simple, i forgot… never again! I’ve programmed in a reminder on the software which states: “Plug in both vacuum plugs before you press continue” :stuck_out_tongue:


Ouch! There’s no substitute for a pre-flight check list. :wink:

Hope you get it sorted out soon.

(Thorleif) #7

Yeah, as a former offshore ROV pilot i know all about pre flight checklist… Just haven’t created one yet. Building one laminated before I get new stuff :slight_smile:

(Thorleif) #8

New dive, everything worked perfect to 25meters and 10 meters. The reflection was way less lower down so might be the sun who does it when i was really shallow under the ice. Maybe gonna build a 3d printed “hood” to put over the dome (screw on with dome screws) :slight_smile: