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(Joe) #1

Well My home built ROV is back up and running with the new BR 4" enclosure and domed/flat end caps

Is anyone that is running this set up getting any drops of Condensation in there hull or do I have a small leak?

After 40 min dive to only 30’ I have about 4 drops of water in the hull. Thoughts?

Other than that very happy with the new set up still need to make up a reed switch or hall affect switch so I don’t have to open her up.

(undersearobotics.com) #2

It could very well be condensation. Pick up some desiccant packs like these and throw them into the housing right before closing it up.

Have you given your housings a vacuum test?

(Rusty) #3

@Joe - Awesome, looks great! We definitely get condensation inside and we usually put a dessiccant pack inside the enclosures before closing them. We’re hoping to have dessiccant available in our store soon.

As far as the reed switch goes, I would recommend checking our store later this week :wink:


(Joe) #4

Plan on adding the desiccant, bought the materials just haven’t made up a container/pack yet.

No didn’t do a vac test but should, tested by sending down to 40’ without electronics in it for 30 min. Nothing in it during test.

Figure it could be condensation as it was on the surface several times as well as getting run pretty hard water temp about 60 deg F

Was just wondering if anyone else was getting condensation



Cool I will. Can you tell me if it will have a Relay or is it just low voltage switch?


(undersearobotics.com) #5

Yes, condensation in an underwater housing is very common. It pretty much happens every time I forget to put a new desiccant pack in the housing after opening it.