openROV varient

Here’s the openRov variant I’m working on. What do you guys think?


That looks awesome! What’s the material for the side panels? Laser cut something?

Are you planning to add any weight to the front or buoyancy to the back? With all the buoyancy at the front in the tube it may tend to float with the tube upwards. Have you put it in water yet?

Really nice, clean build. I’m excited to see how it works.



The side panels are cnc milled UHMW-PE. The plan is to get the whole thing assembled and fine tune the trim / buoyancy with synaptic foam. Haven’t done an in water buoyancy check since I put the electronics together I’m waiting on the batteries.

damn autocorrect *syntactic foam. Although synaptic foam might be a smart idea too

Good. It looks like there’s plenty of room in the back for foam.

Are you using the OpenROV electronics? Can you tell us more about the electronics enclosure? How did you make the end cap seals? I see double O-rings. Did you use multiple layers of laser cut acrylic like the OpenROV?

the endcaps are milled out of 1.25" bullet proof acrylic (Craigslist is awesome) as for electronics I’m using the openROV set up for now but I hope to add down cameras and an extra thruster for strafing. Those are both plans for V2.0 mostly I just want to get it in the water.


Very nice. Those are some thick end-caps. All that weight in front will definitely help with getting the center of buoyancy in the right place.

The enclosure for the BlueROV will have very similar end-caps with double O-rings. I’m glad to see that’s the design that you chose as well.

I’m excited to see how it goes. Keep us updated.

Nice Design!

How thick is the main pipe? Is the same as the original openrov or have you gone to a thicker design?

Best regards!


Thanks! The main tube for the 4"-Series enclosure is 0.25" (6.3mm) thickness. This is twice the thickness of the OpenROV tube. The depth rating of the enclosure is currently limited by the strength of the end-cap with holes, not the strength of the tube.


Thanks Rusty!