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Bluerov2 frame front end questions for anyone that has one

(Tim Pierce) #1

I’m working on my sideplate design at the moment, and it’s going to closely mirror the Bluerov2 sideplates, with identical mid structure, and mostly identical bottom plate. I’m going to be adding some front surface to mount the ROV arm and the laser 2" tube mounts, and sicne I’ll be doing that, Im guessing it would be a good time to ask how the frame feels and behaves overall in a dive? If you could reinforce any sections of it, would you? is there any point on the sideplates, particularily near the front that you feel could benifit from a crossmember or reinforcement? Just looking for things I may want to reinforce based off of experiances here so far.



Hi Tim, when I looked at the BROV2 I knew immediately that it wasn’t going to work for our purposes - primarily because we’ll be using two 3" battery vessels. However, if you look at the BR design, it is fairly obvious that the forward and reverse thrust vectors for each thruster are unimpeded and this (along with COG & COB) is fundamental to the operation. Sadly, that is not my educated opinion - we have an in-house fluid dynamics engineer who looked at my designs and threw them in the bin!

Our latest concoction will comprise Densetec side panels held together with an aluminium framework. I understand that some BROV users have noted that various nuts are coming loose but that can be resolved by using SS Nyloc nuts. This does present another problem because SS on contact with aluminium in salt water will produce a galvanic reaction and the aluminium will degrade, there are a few ways to avoid this but be aware when finishing your design.

I’m just breezing along here so forgive me if I’ve gone off topic.