Custom made BlueROV2 Heavy frame

I have made a custom frame of the BlueROV2 Heavy.

Some upgrade is:

Height of the BlueROV2 Heavy is 308 mm instead of 254 mm,can have 3 aluminum tube under instead of 1 3".
Front center panel and Rear center panel is in two part not four part.
Heavy Thruster Guards is screwed to the back of the Side panel instead of use Heavy Guard Brackets.
The whole frame is made of 1/2” thick white HDPE.

All 6 lights get power from surface and not from battery,i use two Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 18Ah) sow 36 Ah,there will be enough to run the BlueROV2 Heavy for many hours.

I also have Foxeer Legend 3 4K Camera in the one of the 3 aluminum tube under (camera is in middle) will test it soon in the pool.


Like it! You doing for running 2 or 3 batteries?

I use two Battery (14.8V, 18Ah) (36Ah)


This is really nice work mate. Well Done.
Im planning something very similar using my CNC table.

What have you got going on in the center 3" tube?
Why are you using a second Dome on the battery enclosure?
How do you find the clarity of that Foxeer 4K Cam? Are you streaming an analogue signal live to surface or only onboard record?

What setup do you have for your lights, you said powered from surface, what setup you got for that? You not getting interference from the power to your comm lines?

In the center 3" tube i have,2 Isolated DC/DC Converters (TEN 60-4813WIN,) power to the lights,two 120Amp relay to switch on and off bluerov2 from surface, 1 SOS Leak Sensor,1 UBEC Power Supply 5 volt and Foxeer 4K Cam.

i’m using a second Dome on the battery enclosure,because less resistance in water.

About the Foxeer 4K Camera i have not tested it so much,only in swimming pool,but is very good.
yes i’m streaming an analogue signal live to surface and the Foxeer 4K Camera buttons are connected to two ssr relays,to control Foxeer 4K Camera from the surface.

I use a seabotix cabel 8,7mm 170 meters and all 6 wire in the cabel is Shielded (two wire for analogue signal,two wire for power 75 DC volt and two wire for Fathom-X,sow i have no interference.

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@an-ron - This is really impressive and well done. Nice work. I’m curious about a few things:

  • How are you using the 75 VDC? Are you stepping down to battery voltage and using a BMS?

  • I see you replaced the Lumen cables. What type of cable are you using on them now? Is that heatshrink around the penetrator entrance?

I’m excited to see this progress.


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Sending 75 Vdc down to two DC/DC Converters (TEN 60-4813WIN) power out is 15 volts max 8Amp

Lumen cables is the same, i have only cut the length down,and i have use 3M 2131-B polyurethane potting compound and G/flex 650 to potting penetrators.(do not trust completely on epoxy)

Ther is NO heatshrink around the penetrator entrance,heatshrink is only to hold the sleeving in place.

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@an-ron Okay, very nice. I like it.

Have you tested the power over tether in the water?


Have you tested the power over tether in the water.
Yes,but only in pool (freshwater)

I have hat same tether in seawater before,but not with bluerov2.(have not had any problems with this seabotix tether in seawater)

…small progress on my new frame… Bigger and moore suitable for topside power combined with battery, and moore payload…And least but Not last…my vert trusters are free for any entanglement(as good as it gets without trustergurads bec they have a loss that is after my expirience, will be way over what you gain… small ropes and fishinglines go Anywhwere…Boyancy construction view will come when its Done, but you get my point;) …cant wait for hearing the CNC :wink:

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very nice

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…its a hard wait :slight_smile: but will soon be in production :wink:

…Progress :wink:


…Finally​:exploding_head::sweat_smile:…took its time but was worth the wait :spades:


This is awesome! The foam doesn’t look very dense, maybe it’s the machining marks. Do you plan to fiberglass it, or coat it?

Just coat it… its so protected from the frame its ok:)… Yea i was to balled on the cnc, so should have used a bit moore raffined knife​:joy::see_no_evil:(takes å loong time​:exploding_head::joy:

Its rated to 500 uncoated and 700m Coated ;). …bought at Diab


Looks good, I really like that you brought the thrusters inboard.

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Yes, it started with that, bec i think the trusters are too exposed, so it ended with this:) …i will make a smaller type too… but have to test this out first. …but i also have a plan of 2 ekstra movable(vert/horis) trusters for moore boost…but i will se how i will do it;) …have a TMS plan too (economic and easy way)