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Drop Camera/ Tow Sled Frame

(Marcus) #1

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a BlueRobotics ROV frame (1or2) design being modified to be used as a tow camera/tow sled ie redesigned to accommodate the main tube, and maybe a smaller battery tube/lights, but smaller than the regular, full size frame?


(Adam) #2

Hi Marcus,

I am not aware of anyone that has modified a BROV or BROV2 to a drop cam or tow sled. The only sled I have seen (and we have dived with) is Nathan Perry’s, it is however quite a bit bigger and heavier than one of our ROVs. It weights about 80lbs, and has a ton of lights!



I modified mine for this purpose, pictures will follow later.

(Marcus) #4

thanks Mikxie, interested to see this


I made a towpoint in front and used a weight 10m from the ROV to keep the ROV near the bottom. The thrusters were used for adjustments.

(Kannappa) #6

Hi Adam,

I am also looking for HDPE material to make our custom frame. Please share some sourcing place and proper specifications. Also will HDPE material stand upto 300m depth or will it get compressed?


I used PC. I think the frame of the ROV is made of HDPE/POM, no problem with pressure.

(Kannappa) #8

Thanks Mikxie…we are going ahead with HDPE Marine grade


Just a little status report. We have now towed the BlueROV2 with tail wing for more than 40 km, during daytime and nighttime at 15 - 40 m depth. We were able to keep the ROV at app 0,5 meters from the bottom with no crashes. Tow speed typically 2 - 4 km/h, the ROV is stable at more than 6 km/h but made it too difficult to identify what we needed to record. By carefully controlling the depth of the drop weight, we could reduce the power usage for thrusters and this way record for app 3 hours on a 18Ah battery.

(Jacob) #10

@Mikxie Where did you get those vertical stabilizers?


I bought them here:


They are kitesurfing twin tip fins.