Drop Camera Builds

Hi all…new guy here.
I came here to check out drop cameras and learned quite a bit but i see a lot of posts about it but not a lot follow up or completed builds. Curious as to why?

Hi @Rovon, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I don’t know that there’s a single reason for that. Inevitably some projects don’t work, while others just run out of momentum, but some finished projects may be commercial (which sometimes means they can’t be shared in too much detail), and others may have just not had many responses, so the creator didn’t post many follow-ups.

If you’re interested in a particular project you can always post a comment on that topic and ask for any extra details you’re after - the worst response you can get is silence, so there’s not a heap to lose by asking, and you might end up with all the info you wanted :slight_smile:

Is there a particular type you’re interested in? From a search of ‘drop camera’ there are heaps of posts, covering various different approaches. The following seem relevant, but there are no doubt others of interest too:

Thanks…i did do that. I’m pretty sure Ive read every post there is. Most seem to stay in the static camera area instead of live view.

Ok, that wasn’t clear from your initial post. Most of the ones I linked to are completed builds, and had several follow-ups within the topic, so I’m not really sure what information you’re actually interested in.

Not sure what you mean by this, but it seems like information you wanted but didn’t find. Are you saying you’re interested in cameras with pan/tilt/zoom support, or are you interested in systems that support controlling the motion of the enclosure holding the camera (or perhaps something else entirely)? :slight_smile:

Static=GoPro, paralenz etc…
I did find a lot of info and was looking camera wise, but seems it doesn’t exist in the US. We are developing a drop camera system as well. We did the enclosure thing first prototype but aced the design. It worked great and just as designed but not near what we want.

Right, so you’re after something you can control/record from over a tether, like the following?

Note that the first three require a computer board (e.g. Raspberry Pi) with them for interfacing control and recording, but that would also be required anyway if you’re also controlling lights, which is generally the case with drop cams.

If you’re able to describe more of what you actually want/are looking for then we can likely help you determine the information you’re after, or at least where to look for it :slight_smile:

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