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Dropcam in Mineshaft

FIT was contracted to construct a dropcam/geothermal probe to conduct a visual inspection and to capture temperature data in a flooded mineshaft. We used many BlueRov parts in the development of this project. Used a full 300 m tether to get 127 m depth in the flooded part of the shaft. Everything worked great. As the water in the shaft was ~60 C, we did experience some thermal warnings, but internal temps never went above 62 C, and cooled down pulling it back up the non-flooded part of the shaft.


Nice setup Ian! :slight_smile:

Always cool to see Blue Robotics equipment used for different purposes.
Loving the pulley on tripod in buckets of rocks for stability. The welded sheet rig looks nice and sturdy too, while not taking up too much space.

Have you considered using a fold-out gazebo or some other sunshade? Might make operating a bit more comfortable - especially with respect to seeing the screen :slight_smile:

Greetings Eliot, Yes we need something for the bright sun. We are currently using a ruggedized, waterproof, Dell laptop as our topside box, but even with its high brightness, it was very washed out while viewing live. Fortunately we recorded the entire session within QGCS and also did a full screen recording of the entire process for viewing back in the lab. We used a 170 deg fisheye lens USB camera (same board as the BlueROV one, just with a different lens) so we could see the entire shaft going down. If I get approval from the client, I’ll post a few pics of the survey…