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Drop camera build

(Richard) #1

Just completed this and will be taking it out deep tomorrow. GoPro rotates in a manner programmed in the Arduino. Initial setting is rotate 40 degrees, stop 1 minute, rotate 40 degrees, etc…

Sometimes I don’t want the hassle of my USR-1 and I want to fish with a camera down, so I built this.


(Nathan Perry) #2

Is that a 4" cylinder? I will look forward to seeing how the video turns out looking through the tube… Cool idea!


(Richard) #3

This experiment didn’t work out. The gopro kept overheating and shutting down!

(TCIII) #4


What model GoPro are you using?



(Richard) #5


Part of the problem is greenhouse effect from sunlight on the WTE. Water temp was 83 F. A possible solution is keeping the WTE covered and avoiding sunlight. That’s difficult to do in a small open boat. When I opened the WTE to see what was going on the Hero was very hot to the touch. WiFi was activated at all times, which may have contributed to the problem. It’s always something in this business. Hero+ works fine now.


(Andres Rengifo) #6

Hi, I’m using a Gopro Hero4 Silver in my ROV. I’ve hacked a little bit the camera to control it remotely, but wired using pixhawk GPIOS. Also, I’ve removed the battery and plugged in it directly to a 5v regulator. You could see the complete project in Hackaday.io: https://hackaday.io/project/12108-gopro-hero-4-wired-control

These modifications allows using the camera without WIFI power consumption.