GoPro Hero11 Mini as Deep sea camera

Hello all. I’m trying to make a deep sea camera and was looking into using the GoPro Hero 11 mini as the camera. Do any of you have experience in using this as a camera system? I will be connecting it to an external powerbank but I am worried it might overheat and turn off. Would the temperature at depth prevent overheating? Would appreciate any insights that can be given regarding this.

Hi @Tides,

Low external temperatures can definitely help avoid your electronics overheating, but that’s reliant on heat transfer, which depends on the materials you’re using and the interfaces between them.

As an example, if you’ve got an unmodified GoPro in a fully acrylic enclosure then it would be challenging for heat to get out. In comparison, @nperry has previously modified a GoPro to include a heat sink, along with some other nice features for operating underwater.

Hi Tides, we have done something similar recently for a film crew here in Australia.
Do you need full 4K files or will standard 1080 HD do? A flat acrylic will do for the 1080 but you will need a dome for the 4K. GoPro will need to be centrally mounted with the dome.
As for temperature. no issue found even in our waters. Biggest issue will be ballast to weigh down the housing. Happy to discuss more.

If you are fine with 1080P resolution, our exploreHD Heavy camera may be of interest. It can go to depths of up to 950 meters and connect easily with the BlueROV system.

You can control the camera’s settings such as brightness, contrast, exposure, etc directly on the ROV controller and record directly onto your PC.

If you are interested, let me know!