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BLUEROV progress and order

(Benjamin MILLIET) #1


What’s going on about BLUEROV, do you have an expected date for order / pre-order. I can find in store the BLUEROV product.


(Rusty) #2

Hey Benj,

We’re working hard on the BlueROV but we don’t have a definitive release date yet. We’ll have our final prototypes in testing soon and fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards shortly after. We’ll be selling them through our store eventually, but I’m not sure exactly when.

Thanks for being patient and please check back!



(Joe) #3


Do you have any video of the Blue ROV I very much like the design. Did you have to do much trimming as far as Flotation or ballast?



(Rusty) #4

Hi Joe,

The only video we have right now is from one of our initial tests here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDOx_Y5CA6g

As far as trim and ballast go, there are holes at the bottom of the skids to mount ballast and holes along the sides to mount flotation foam. We don’t have a premade size of foam for that yet, unfortunately.



(Joe) #5

Very impressive, quite maneuverable

I would like to build one of these eventually, but I don’t think it will be my next one, I am not ready for the computer stuff yet. My present ROV (I built a few years ago) is a PVC hull, Brushed motors, analog camera controlled by a RC radio type it is a simple design and the systems I understand. It is very capable and I use it quite a bit for mechanical inspections in fresh water. My main reason for building a second one is to have a stand bye unit, to improve Video quality and extend run time.

I will continue to research these modern systems and work toward the on board computer type and maybe build one with all the bells and whistles

Thanks for the link



(Rusty) #6


Cool. There’s definitely something to be said for analog video and simple control. It’s robust and rock solid. That said, the onboard computer adds a lot of cool new capabilities and flexibility.

Good luck with your next build!