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New ROV build :

(Magnus ) #1

Hi guys

I have been thinking about building my own ROV for a long time now. I have been working offshore with ROVs for many many years but it is the first one i am building by myself. Atleast an eyeball ROV :smiley: I got an old TMS(tether management system) control bottle that was scrapped in my company and i have been thinking about converting this one into an ROV body containing all the electronics from the blueROV 2 and to have external cameras. The bottle is anodized aluminium and weighs around 40 kilos on land but is more or less neutral in water. Do you guys think it is too heavy to be operated with 8 thrusters( 4 horizontal, 4 vertical) from blue robotics? anyone have experience with heavier ROVs and the blue robotics thrusters here?

Best regards


(Jacob) #2

I think that 8 thrusters will be able to move that thing around just fine underwater, no sweat. The BlueROV2 has A LOT of power to spare.

What size are those holes and how do you plan on sealing them? One of them looks pretty chowdered up, will you be able to smooth it out enough for an oring to seal properly?

(Jacob) #3

Oh, and what’s the other end look like?

(Magnus ) #4

That sounds good :smiley: 20 of the holes are 7/16" UNF and the center one is made for burton flange connectors. the bottom one is 1/2" UNF i believe. I will put the whole lid in my lathe and shave of 1-2mm of the whole front i think :slight_smile:
The other end is a lid with no holes.
Do you by any chance have 7/16 UNF blanks for me? :smiley:

(undersearobotics.com) #5

I agree with Jacob, 8 thrusters will be more than enough power to move your ROV. When I first tested the prototype BlueROV2 (before they had added thruster gain control) I was really surprised by how much thrust those little thrusters can generate.

(Jacob) #6

Sorry, we don’t. All of our penetrators are M10x1.5.

(Magnus ) #7

thanks for the reply :slight_smile: that is nice to hear. the rov will get a bit heavier with all the extras but i am very excited to start.
Is it possible to add more than 8 thrusters, should i need more?

(Magnus ) #8

no problem :slight_smile: thanks anyway! i have been mentioning your website for the guys i work with offshore and they are all very impressed wih all the gear you have here :slight_smile:

(Jacob) #9

Is it possible to add more than 8 thrusters


should i need more?

Probably not, it depends on how much drag you have and how fast you really want to go, but probably not.

(Magnus ) #10

thanks for the help Jacob. Will get back in touch tomorrow with a few more questions for you :smiley: thanks for a fast reply