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Interesting build

(John Griffiths) #1

I have spent a fair bit of time working on new designs for my ROVs and thought i might share a couple of pics with you all.
One is a version with a speargun for obviously getting fish and possibly shark tagging, one a version with a custom gripper claw for sea urchin and sea cucumber harvesting and the bigger blue one is a heavy lift version. The wtc for the big blue one was made from a single billet of aluminium with penetrator holes milled into the housing. the reduction in drag by having such short cables has made this a very responive beast.


(Nathan Perry) #2

Awesome! I would live to see some footage from the speargun cam.

(John Griffiths) #3

Hi Nathan

we will be posting videos in the near future. currently we are having problems with water getting into the newton gripper that acts as an actuator to push the trigger.