My build progress

hi all,

I’d like to say hi to everyone and start getting involved with the forum. Here are some photos of my ROV build. I had hoped to have finished it by now but I’ve been away a lot with work and only now getting to back to the build. I want a heavy sturdy RoV and It will be a bit of a Frankenstein build - Openrov 2.6 and 2.7 based controls, T100 thrusters and hopefully some homegrown parts.


plan for now is to finish the build based on 2.7 parts using the 3 thruster arrangement. Long term will be:

to get the 4th lateral thruster integrated (not too sure how just yet)

bespoke control Case with integrated screen/laptop

topside power

tool skid


hope everyone’s project’s are going ok



Wow Dave, great work! I love the frame. Your machining skills are far above mine. I can’t wait to see it complete and in the water.


Looks great! I’m really impressed. How did you make the frame? Looks like milled Delrin or similar plastic? Looks really strong.

I’m excited to see how this goes. Keep us updated.


Thanks guys,

The frame is very strong though I wish my skills had meant that I could have machined the frame myself but I actually had it CNC routed out of 12mm thick polypropylene by another company. Having said that, after using a router during the fitting of some kitchen worktop recently, I will be cutting out the tool skid myself and perhaps any future and slightly simpler ROV frames.

The CNC work was good but I had under estimated the result of routing 90deg internal corners. It left an 3mm radius on all the corners which I had to clean out manually on all the interlocking faces so the finish isn’t as clean as I’d hoped. A few design tweaks would simplify it a lot or use acrylic and laser cutting.

I got my openrov 2.7 control board in the post today so will hopefully make some more progress in the next couple of weeks but we’ll see- I’m getting married in 5wks so I’m told my time should apparently be focused on that and not the ROV!

Looking at the board I hoping (probably naively) to tie the lateral thruster in using one of the servo outputs and taking power from vert thruster board contacts. I don’t know much about electronics/programming as you can probably tell but doing the project to hopefully learn a bit more.


We’ll see how it goes


Looks Nice!