Taking on water in the battery compartment of our BLUE ROV when performing dive

Hello to all. Almost a month of troubleshooting later, our ROV finally passed a pressure test, but on our most recent dive, it began to absorb water in our battery compartment. We removed it, dried it all out, cleaned between the o-rings, greased the rings, tightened the screws, and then we realized that we were failing the pressure test once again. The vacuum pump and the included tubes have already been changed. Uncertain of what to do next, we are frustrated. Could you kindly assist us and explain why this could be occurring once again?

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Long shot but might be worth checking. When you took the orings off and greased them how did they feel any rough parts? I also find it a bit frustrating if the table is not really clean I have dogs and so when I go to grease something I find hair or small dust ect quickly bound to the grease.

Apologies in advance if this is the first thing you checked but did you examine the acrylic enclosure tube for fine cracks or scratches, particularly where it contacts the penetration panel and o-rings?