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Small Leak Problem

Spent hours trying to find the leak but no success. The o Ring on enclosure look fine, but ordered some just in case. I even taped around the cone and aft section no luck. No visible cracks on anything.No leak on vacuum pump
It down to the inserts on the end plate. I installed the 18 hole plate then the 14 hole no difference. Insert on o rings look OK.
Thinking about sprinkle power, like flower, over end caps but concern about the electronics damage…any suggestions Thanks!


The best way to find this is to put a bit of positive pressure through the vacuum port while the ROV is submerged. Look for the bubbles. Careful not to put too much positive pressure as to blow the end caps off. :grinning:


I took a vacuum cap, drilled a hole through it. Tapped, and threaded a fitting in to it so I can put positive pressure without blowing the vacuum plug out all of the time as it threads in.

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Thanks for your suggestions, it works!!!