Issues once again with our enclosures on our ROV not passing a pressure test and unsure how to resolve this

Hello everyone. We have been encountering numerous issues with our remotely operated vehicle (ROV), and one of the main concerns is its inability to pass a pressure test. To address this problem, I have taken several steps. I have replaced all the o-rings in the ROV, ensuring they are properly lubricated. I have also tightened and replaced all the screws, as well as thoroughly cleaned the enclosures to remove any sand or debris.

Upon investigation, I have identified that the source of the leak is in the battery cord, which connects the battery to power on the ROV. I came to this conclusion by conducting a soap test, which revealed the presence of bubbles. It appears that the “dried black glue” used to create a tight seal in the wiring from the inside to the outside has been damaged.

Additionally, I am facing difficulties with the electronic component of the ROV. During a pressure test on the enclosure, the pump does not respond and remains at zero pressure. I am uncertain about the appropriate steps to resolve this issue.

Could someone kindly assist me in troubleshooting and finding a solution to these problems as soon as possible? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @aubreyurbshott,

Apologies for the delay on responding to this.

If you’re running into hardware issues it’s generally recommended to contact our support email (, with a description of the problem, how your vehicle/component has been stored and used, as well as an order number (or at least rough order date) of the component(s) in question.

If you have a penetrator that’s leaking then you’ll likely need to replace that penetrator. This thread (and the ones it links to) may be worth referring to.

Have you confirmed that the pump works by itself?