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BlueROV2 Camera fogging and Go-pro mounting

(David) #1

Hi peeps.

So far the MK2 blue ROV is performing awesomely, really easy to use and handles like an ROV should!

Im currently running into an issue of the forward dome housing at the camera about 15 - 20 minutes into a dive it starts to fog quite badly, anyone suffering this issue and if so how to deal with it? I’ve popped 2 of the silica gel packs that were in the thrusters in with the can but so far its not quite enough.


Also, where abouts is it best to mount a Gopro camera onto the vehicle? I was thinking somewhere on the front like the front battery tube or on one of the top buoyancy blocks,


(Paul) #2

Once a silica gel pack is exposed to air it will start absorbing water. Chances are the packs that came with the thrusters won’t be very effective any more. Better to buy some new packs (come sealed in moisture sealing plastic).

(Mark Langille) #3

Working on a simple adjustable pvc based camera bar. Can be tilted forward, above, and back of ROV. Still testing but will post more info on it soon.

Wa meant to shoot above ROV but also so can frame it for ROV selfie shots :slight_smile:

(Jonathan) #4


We occasionally had the same fogging issue during testing. We were able to fix it using color changing desiccant inside of tea bags. If you have a 3D printer, we have a better looking prototype desiccant box in progress. See the GrabCAD link at the bottom for the files and our printer settings. It mounts to the same panel that the camera does with M2x8 screws and an M3x6 screw to hold the lid on.

I recommend attaching a GoPro to the front of the battery enclosure. If you have a 3D printer, and an M5 nut you can use the file in the GrabCAD link to print a mount.

If you do not have a 3D printer, we will be offering these in the store in the near future.

GrabCAD Link



(David) #5

Cheers guys, Got the stuff coming home now :slight_smile:

Silica bags were just what I had at home with the thrusters but yeah probably past their best.

Jonathan, cheers very much for the solution and the file! I have a 3d printer not long up and running its great to see you guys who build and distribute these things so readily hand out files to solve these problems! Thanks very much!!