3D prints and attachments

I’ve been looking at 3d printing parts for the blueROV2

I have just designed and shared a glare good as when I was out in Greece sunlight coming in the top of the dome made it hard to see but hopefully this helps eliminate some of that!


Cool! I think this gives it personality, like WALLE.

Nice work! I was thinking of doing something similar with the lights as well. A variant of that with flow holes in the back to allow for easier water flow would also be really neat.

Wish Granted added one with venting holes for the water at 45 degrees so light still won’t hit camera

Here are some more designs that i have made

There is the fish head glare hood variant just for fun

I have also made a baitbox attachment for when you want to attract those fishies to your ROV BlueROV2 Baitbox by Jonnyteague - Thingiverse

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Heres some of the updated things ive desinged for the BlurROV2 (Some where a while ago apologies)

BlueROV GPS Topside Box

An alternative GoPro Mount using the lumen light mounting holes

BlueROV2 Baitbox that attaches to the Battery tube or anyother 3inch cap

An updated glare hood with holes in

Enjoy, Give me a shout if you print any!!
I post new things on twitter more @ jonny_teague