Blueprint Subsea X010 USBL Mount for BlueROV2

Hi all,

I’ve had issues mounting the Blueprint Subsea X010 Beacon on the BlueROV2.
As I couldn’t find anything readily available, I designed a mount and I’m happy to share it with you for your convenience. In the link below you will also find photos as well as designs of it.

Please provide me any feedback it will help make the mount better.


Hi @Ekder, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

A few suggestions:

  • Add fillets to round off the sharp external corners and edges
  • Possibly add some holes through the walls of the mount, to reduce material usage and increase water contact with the metal to aid in cooling
  • Maybe reduce the wall thickness
    • I’m unsure how strong the print is (depends on the material), and how much load the device is expected to experience
    • your current thickness may be fine, but if it’s unnecessarily strong then reducing the thickness would save on some material and some printing time

Hi all,

Nice job, simple and easy !

Just to show another way, i personally integrate the X010 in the float.
This allows better protection of the beacon, but, of course, the machining is a bit more complex.

@EliotBR , thank you for the feedback, I will get to it as soon as possible! I just needed a fast solution for a quick dive we are about to go on. But your suggestions are solid: smoother and thinner will provide both better hydrodynamics and the holes will provide better waterflow as well as cooling for the device.

@luc-rossi Thank you for sharing this awesome solution. Did you change the floatation material or did you use the stock one? Because carving out this much material from the original piece, must have some effect on the floatation properties of the complete ROV…

I used the stock one.
You’re right, machining the foam bloc cost a little buoyancy, but there’s enough ballast weight to remove!
( and it is no coincidence that the gripper is on the other side :wink: )

Ok, so I’ve managed to redesign a few of the edges and make it smoother.
I’ve also added some holes for better cooling.

Still not perfect but it’s a better version than before.
You can find both versions in the shared folder (ver. 1, and ver. 1.1)

Link: X010 USBL MOUNT - Google Drive

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@Ekder, to make this more accessible and findable I’d recommend sharing your design on Printables :slight_smile: