Beacon positioning


Please have a look at the attached images. I want to attach this beacon to my ROV I was thinking of drilling one of the rear buoyancy modules so the beacon could sit partially in the module but then I would not able to rely on the beacon just sitting in the module as it would be disappear in no time subsea.

Its a fairly awkward shape as the beacons are normally longer and easier to attach. I am open to ideas.




Are there any mounting holes on the bottom?

You could cut a hole in the fairing and also run the cable through the fairing so that the cable would secure the beacon in place.


Hi Rusty

Attached are a couple more photographs of the beacon, you can remove the protection from the head and there are two holes next to the power socket.

Hi Julian,

It looks like you could probably use those two mounting holes along with two holes in the fairing and a few screws and nuts.


I was thinking about doing the same only in the fwd casing. I have the X110 as well. I ended up with an improvised solution for now but I believe I will stick to it, just make it a bit more professional looking. Mind you that my solution is for inspection works only and not for “working” and bumping into structures. I will post a picture later


How are you getting on with that USBL? Have you got the battery?

Thanks for that. Do you have the contact details for the company who modded your ROV with the powered teather please?

I have emailed them a couple of times and my emails go into their spam.



Here is the link to their home page
Call them, it’s always the easiest way:-)

I connect the X110 to power from the bottle, no battery. I do plan to get a battery box as well - for use with divers.

Do any of you have a price list for x150, x010 and software?

The software can be downloaded from the internet. A new updated software is soon to be released as well.
The price for the X150+X010 including the deck cable and usb gps is approx 8kGBP ex vat. as far as I remember. That is the setup I use

Thank you, Oystein.

Hi Øystein,

Have you manage to get the Lat/Long coordinates to show up in Qgroundcontrol on the overlay as you fly the ROV?
If so, I am interested in how you manage to do it? :slight_smile:

I have ppt showing the setup, I can send it to you when I come home this weekend. But there might be an easier way to do it by now

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Thanks! Could you send it to:

Sure, no problem.

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