On ROV locator connection

Is it possible to get some pictures or diagrams of how you mounted and connected the locator on the bluerov? The integration kits seems to lack instructions or parts to do this. There are files to 3D print brackets. We have had issues in the past with 3D printed parts underwater and breaking. Both ABS and PLA.
Also do you believe the sliprings used with tether reels will
cause issues with the analog signal?

Hi Michael,

have you looked here ?

Yes,I reviewed that documentation and all the links. It seems to show only the topside connections. The locator on the bluerobotics ROV is installed on the ROV itself. It looks like this question was asked in an earlier post but not answered. I am assuming you connected in the Analog A1 locator through a penetrator nut into the electronic controller enclosure and connected it to an unused cable pair. Possibly printed the waterlinked holder and used it to mount to the ROV some where. You could of also used cable ties to attach it. Not sure if where it is located on the rov makes a difference. Possibly cable tie to top of electronic enclosure???

Hi Michael,

Here are the instructions on the ROV end for connecting the locator.

You should have received an aluminum mount like the one pictured below.

If you believe you are missing components from your Integration Kit as listed in the “Contents” section of that page, please send an e-mail to support@bluerobotics.com.