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Water Linked integration


We’ve fitted the Locator A1 and tried testing the waypoint navigation but an error keeps showing indicating that the water linked is unable to get the depth data.

The Ground control map app does not show the Bluero position as well. How do I verify if the setup is done correctly?



Hi @Aquila,

Are you using the A1 locator with the integration kit on a BlueROV2?

What version of the Companion software are you on?

We have upgraded the firmware to 0.0.18. for the companion software.

Thanks, did you also use an integration kit with your installation?

We have the same problem with A1 locator, waterlinked software displays the “No External Depth Error” (no other errors). We have the integration kit installed and I have updated all software:

Ardusub 3.5.4
Companion: 0.0.18
Waterlinked: 2.5.1

I have also tried "Restore Default Options” from mavproxy page as suggested in the troubleshooting.

For what it matters, we also have the ping360 sonar installed and it works fine. Also the ROV itself works fine.

Any suggestions what to try next?

As a quick diagnosing option, please open a terminal at, type ping and send us the output.

This will tell us if the waterlinked system is reachable from the companion.

Thank you for the advice. It seems we have now solved the problem. Initially the pinging of waterlinked system at did not work. We went trough the cables and rewired them. It seems this has solved the problem, although we did not find any obvious mistake in the wiring. Now the depth information is relayed to the waterlinked system and the system seems to work.

One other thing we noticed was that there seems to be much more lag in the controls now. There is noticeable delay when controlling the ROV. Any ideas where that might come from? Before the lag was hardly noticeable.

Is the video ok? What is your companion version?

After some more testing it seems everything is ok now.

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