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Troubleshooting after system update (GGounrdControl, ArduPilot, Waterlinked)


A few days ago, we have decided to upgrade our ROV environnment.

We have updated our software to our last stable release :

  • ArduSub to 3.5
  • WaterLinked to 2.3.1
  • QGroundControl to 3.5.2

We have encountered some intermittents troubles with the communication of the Depth and the Waterlinked GPS.
Most of time, Warterlinked WebGUI shows an error 500 (Internal Server). We don’t know why after 5 / 6 tries, the communication is suddenly established.

Into the release note, a lot of improvements have been done on the depth. Is it possible to have delay problem for the communication ?

For the moment, we have bypassed the problem with a python script which forwards the depth retrieved from MAVLink to the waterinked WebGUI. It’s more a hack than a fix.

Do you have idea to find best solution ?


@Schade Is both the LINK and POWER indicator lights illuminated on the Fathom-X board inside the Water Linked box?

I had this issue with our box a few months ago and had to replace the Fathom-X board and then it worked well after that. Sometimes things just get knocked around and the thinking was that the LX200V20 module had been damaged.

@kklemens Thanks for the advice, I will check the electronics part LX200V20. I will come back with my investigation.