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Waterlinked UW GPS Gen2 not autostarting Ardusub driver

Just got a Gen2 system from Waterlinked, nice evolution, and 300 meter work distance.
Found a problem with the Ardusub Waterlinked driver in Gen 2 that work with Gen1.

When starting ROV, Waterlinked is already running.
But the depth sending from Ardusub do not start.
So there is error message in Waterlinked “No Depth recieved” and no positioning.

You have to manually go to
There status is “Scanning for Water Linked underwater GPS…”
But it never finds it. In the same page is a button “Restart Waterlinked driver”
Using that it finds the WL box and starts to send depth, status goes to “Running”
If the ROV restarts you have to do above again.

This is an issue one of our customers also experienced with the Waterlinked G2 GPS. We informed BlueRobotics of the situation, but they haven’t yet been able to reproduce it. Maybe the bug only applies to the G2? For reference, our customer was running companion 0.22, Ardusub 4.0.2 and WL-GPS firmware v3.1.0.

In our case, the customer was using a Locator U1, which is capable of measuring depth on its own, so Waterlinked’s GUI didn’t complain about “No depth recieved”. QGC didn’t start receiving GPS coordinates until the driver was manually restarted.

Ok, nice (?) to hear it is not only mine.
Seems “correct” that QGC dont work since Companion must start communicate with WL first.

To clearify; I have a Gen1 system that i have swapped with several times, Gen1 works all times.

For BR engineers: I am happy to let you do remotework testing on my Gen2 system via Teamviewer, Anydesk or what you like.
My companion is 0.0.22, Ardusub latest stable (4.0.x), WL Gps 3.1.1