Fathom X link failure

I’ve just finished ballasting and testing my BlueRov2. In the last few minutes of the mission, the link to the ROV failed. Back on the test bench, I cannot get the FathomX link to work.

Steps in fault finding:

Connected direct QGroundcontrol to ROV Pi via ethernet. Works (updated Qgroundcontrol and Pi as well)

Removed tether, connected topside FathomX to Rov FathomX with 1m of spare twisted pair. Fail

Slim tether checked for continuity by bridging with a meter. Works.

Topside Fathom X on power shows power light constant, link light flashes on, then off at start up.

ROV Fathom X on power shows the same power light constant, link light flashes on, then off. Link light comes back on for a few seconds, then goes out.

Please contact support@bluerobotics.com, and we can arrange a replacement.

Jacob, I’ve noted comments from other ROV owners complimenting the speed that Blue Robotics handles faults or other issues. You guys are exemplary in my world of dealing with commercial drones, and other marine gear.

It’s a great culture, that level of support and responsiveness goes a long way to ensuring repeat sales and further growth.


Thanks Dale! We are doing our best effort to keep our customers satisfied. I’m glad to see that it shows (:

Jacob, thanks, that took four business days after posting here for parts to arrive. Replaced the topside FathomX, all good.

Worth noting for those working remotely to carry the stock spares kit, plus extras (comms and controller).