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Fathom-X Linking problem


i have a BlueRov2 and recently got an upgrade to a fathom-x tether box, it ran with some problems at first since i had to do the ipv4 config with 2 addreses to get video and control – –
With that config, at first that seemed to work, Q control was working fine and the unit seemed to be ok.
After a short trip to the dive site the Rov will not get a link light and wont send video to the topside comp.
After opening up the case i pulled the blue tether wire from the negative connection on the fathom-x board in the Rov side and video came online, but not control.
I´ve read all the info on bluerov site and ardsub, downloaded all, reset all, new flash img and all. and cant seem to make it work.

Any ideas?

Hi Kubai, please take a step back and let me know exactly your results and experience as you follow each of the NO TELEMETRY troubleshooting steps (in order) here: https://www.ardusub.com/troubleshooting/troubleshooting.html#no-telemetry-no-autopilot-connection

It turned out to be a bad RasPi, got a replacement but is a b+…
any developement on supporting the upgraded companion? seems silly not to to make the upgrade.