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Fathom X-Tether they not connected with QGC

(Kamil) #1


I have got BlueRov2 with advanced electronics and I have got a problem. When I connected ROV via interface Fathom X-Tether they not connected with QGC. When I connected RPI3 using Ethernet cable (without fathom X-tether) ROV connects with QGC and operates at 100%. Both fathom x-Tether have power and light LED PWR.

(Rusty) #2

@sgrtmosina - Can you post a few pictures of how you have each board set up? Do you have an Ethernet cable connected to the “topside” board to your computer?

(TCIII) #3

Do both Fathom-X interfaces, topside and ROVside, have their “link” leds on (green color) when connected using the tether?

(Kamil) #4

Hello ,

my problem was resolved . fathom x-Tether were conversely.