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Fathom X-Tether they not connected with QGC


I have got BlueRov2 with advanced electronics and I have got a problem. When I connected ROV via interface Fathom X-Tether they not connected with QGC. When I connected RPI3 using Ethernet cable (without fathom X-tether) ROV connects with QGC and operates at 100%. Both fathom x-Tether have power and light LED PWR.

@sgrtmosina - Can you post a few pictures of how you have each board set up? Do you have an Ethernet cable connected to the “topside” board to your computer?

Do both Fathom-X interfaces, topside and ROVside, have their “link” leds on (green color) when connected using the tether?

Hello ,

my problem was resolved . fathom x-Tether were conversely.


@rjehangir Hello, I am having this same problem.

I am using the Fathom-X Topside Interface (FXTI) for BlueROV2 and a USB cable to connect it to my PC. On the ROV side the Fathom-X Tether Interface rev2 is wired as it comes with the BlueROV2 Electronics Enclosure.

On both sides both Link Active and Power LEDs are flat green (not blinking) when I try: ping the host cannot be reached, but when I connect the Raspberry through an Ethernet cable everything works fine.

One thing to notice is that everything has been working fine since the first dive and today when I tried to power up everything as usual it stopped working.

Do you have any idea what can be wrong? Is there any way to troubleshoot the Fathom X board alone?

I guess there are quite few of us with this problem lately. Last three posts in the BlueROV2 Ardusub category are about not being able to connect to ROV out of the blue.

But when I connect the Raspberry through an Ethernet cable everything works fine.

Are you connecting an ethernet cable directly to your computer or via a usb-ethernet converter?

What does the command-line command ifconfig or ipconfig output when you are connected via fathom x, and what does it say when you are connected by tether?

I am connecting the Ethernet cable directly from the Raspberry to my PC.

When running the command ifconfig and connected via Ethernet to the Raspberry the output is:

And when connected via the Fathom-X Topside Interface (Fathom X in ROV --> Tether–> Fathom Topside Interface --> USB --> PC) the output is: