UGPS G2 integration, no external depth found A1 locator

Hi there,
when integrating the UGPS G2 box from water linked, no external depth can be found. We are using the A1 locator. The program tells us to manually inclued the depth via the API, but we do not understand how to change nor integrate things in the API. Has anyone had a simular problem and could help us?
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Some tip:
If you are using the new BlueOS, Waterlinked integration is not working yet.
If you are using the old companion system, depth sending from companion should start automatic.


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Hi Boko,
you seem like you have a plan. Your tips were really helpful and so we hoped that you can help us with another problem. It seems like our GUI can’t receive a proper GPS signal. In GUI this and the IMU are depicted with a red cross. Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Or have you had similar problems?
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Waterlinkeds built in GPS and Heading sensor needs constant calibration AND free sattelite sight.
So, if you are operating with fixed topside position; manually enter position and heading in GUI.
If you are on a moving topside (ie a ship) you have to send position and heading to Waterlinked topside box.
That means you have to get NMEA GGA and HDT from a GPS compass or similar offshore.
(Also needed is to switch to “external input” in WL GUI)
Then you send these commands (from your topside computer) by Python, or by Waterlinkeds own “ugs-nmea-go”
Chech the links on WL page: API - Documentation

Hi there again,
we are having some more trouble with the UGPS G2. Apparently the location of the ROV can not be found on the map. We think that is because the locator can only be found for some secounds before the connection dissapears. It could be said the connection blinks.
Did anybode have the same problems?
Kind regards

What does WL system say on: