Rov stop working at 40m

Hello everyone, I have this problem:
I have a bluerov that just stop working at 40 m deep, what could be causing it?
I have checked changing the topside pc and the tether but the problem perssit. could anyone give me a recomendation to fix this?

Do you mean that it always loses communications at 40 m or did it happen once and you haven’t been able to get it working again?

it stop working, everytime at 40 m (or near that deep). When recover it work fine on the surface, but if i go deep again, it stop working.

That’s very interesting. Once I had an ROV with fiber optic telemetry that would lose communications at a certain depth. The pressure was causing the conduit that that the fiber was in to pinch against it.

Is the tether connected to the vehicle with the old potted penetrator or one of the new Wet Link compressions penetrators?

neither of them, It’s an auxiliary connector that its not from bluerobotics

I see. My guess is that the problem is with a bad solder joint in the connector that is affected by the compression or movement under pressure of the surrounding potting compound. I would re-terminate the connector.
Can you tell me what type of connector it is?

I can’t, dont know the tipe of conector it is, but is a conector from Deep trekker. if I could attach a picture to this thread i would