Reboot on Depth hold

Hi all, I have a problem with my BlueRov2. Every time I activate “Deep hold” the light flashes once briefly and QGroundControl loses the connection to the Rov. After about 30 seconds the connection is available again.

Bluerov2, 8-thruster, Bar30 sensor, Ping-sonar, 4 x Lumen Subsea Light
QGroundControl v4.2.6
Companion 0.0.31
ArduSub 4.03

How, and which logs should I evaluate best to find the reason for the reset? Or do any of you know the problem?

Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, I have found nothing in the logs that could help me. My guess was a problem with the power supply.

I have a 12V voltage source on the surface which is transformed to 48V and supplies the rov with power via the cable. In the ROV then again a transformation to the required voltage takes place.

The control of the cable showed that one of the plugs was apparently not completely tight.

I am now trying to clean the plug and then check the tightness. Hope that I do not have to replace the plug.

Hi @divebubble, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Apologies for the slow response on this. Coincidentally, my response in this thread (which you have also commented in) may help resolve the issue you’re facing.

That said, thrust limiting is only necessary if you’re lacking power capacity in some form - do you know how much power your topside supply is capable of providing, and the efficiency and capacity of your onboard converter? This comment may be worth a read for understanding the important factors in your power system.

If the plug contacts are not corroded, and re-connecting it with appropriate tightening is able to prevent further water ingress, then hopefully it’s ok.