Erratic thrusting in Depth Hold mode

Depth Hold mode usually works well for our ROV, but occasionally when switching into Depth Hold mode, the vehicle randomly thrusts either up or down at full power. When switched back to Manual mode, the thrusting stops. Then when switched back into Depth Hold, the thrusting starts again. The problem is not resolved until we disconnect/reconnect QGroundControl. Then Depth Hold works well for a little while, then the problem occurs again. What could be causing this?

I read another post that describes a similar issue (Depth Hold Problems? - #31 by Gleiber), and the solution for this post is to upgrade to ArduSub 4.1.0, as a fix was incorporated into that release. However, we are already using ArduSub version 4.1.0, as well as QGroundControl version 4.2.3, and the Navigator.

Thank you!

Hi @rl21,

I’m not sure what’s going on here, because that is an issue we considered to be fixed.

We have recently released ArduSub 4.1.1 as stable, so could you try that and see whether the issue is still present?