Depth hold question

Hi, guys. Today, when I was testing the depth hold mode, I found that the thrust of the four thrusters was inconsistent, and the thrust of thruster #6 was significantly greater than the other three, which caused very serious consequences. Here is a picture taken during the test。

In addition, when I reset the pressure part of the sensor in the air, the ROV keeps diving and goes straight to the bottom of the pool. What is causing these two problems and how can they be solved?

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Hi @suitangxiaoyi,

A few questions to clarify:

  1. Which ArduSub version are you running?
  2. Which flight mode were you operating in?
  3. Are all your propellers able to be turned freely by hand when the vehicle is off/disarmed?
  4. Does the automatic motor direction detection test (on the Motors page in QGC) succeed?

1、The veision is ardusub4.1
2、 It worked in the depth hold model
3、All thrusters work fun, when I am using the gamepad for manual control, it can do all the tasks