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Odd Heading-Hold / Depth-Hold behavior with Ardusub 4.0.1

Hi All:

Last week I tested a newly-built BROV2 (6-thruster configuration), and noted an odd problem. The thrusters all worked perfectly fine in manual mode, but if the vehicle was in either stabilized mode (HH or DH/HH) then the gain on the vertical channel (climb/dive) was suddenly greatly reduced. I still had control of the vehicle, since it was very close to neutrally-buoyant. But even with full stick, the vertical thrusters were only using about half an amp of current. I tested this at 25% throttle gain and 50% throttle gain, and the results were similar. There were no issues at all in the horizontal plane with the 4 vectored thrusters.

Software configuration was QGC 4.0.5, Ardusub 4.0.1, Companion 0.0.20.

One thing that might be relevant here is that the vehicle was set up for deep diving, with a Bar100 (1000m) depth sensor. I didn’t make any changes to Ardusub to support the 1000m depth sensor- it appeared to give correct depths out-of-the-box. Maybe there’s a config change needed in the software somewhere?

This was the first vehicle I’ve driven with Ardusub 4, but I don’t remember this ever being an issue with Ardusub 3.5. Without reverting to Ardusub 3.5 while on the water it’s tough for me to know whether this is related to the software build or the specific depth sensor.


Walt Holm