Controlling ROV to 90 degrees not working

if i place the rov at a 90 degree angle will stabilize and depth hold keep the orientation. this is the issue im having. going to update again.

i have problems orientating the rov on a 90 degree pitch with all the thrusters but then i can go to the thruster test on qground and engage one thruster and get a full 360 degree rotation. i have to think this is a gain issue. Adjusted the gain and will go test again today with two batteries also.

Hi @SaferHarbors,

Stabilize and depth hold try to maintain a horizontal orientation unless the pitch and roll targets are altered (via joystick inputs or the roll/pitch trim button functions), so just placing it at a 90 degree angle will not work to maintain that. Note the ANGLE_MAX limitations discussed in that link - it may not be possible to control to 90 degrees.

This comment (and the surrounding discussion) are likely worth a read :slight_smile:

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thank you. I think we can alter her code more. The rov needs to operate 90 degrees and 180 degrees 100% of the time.