Depth hold mode problem

hello jacob,
The probleme about depth hold mode still goes on
The problem is similar to that

from the discuss ,I find the picture‘s parameter is different from mine

which shows GND_ABS_PRESS 100231 Pa
but my is about 47090,like this
do you think this dirrerent phenomenon will lead me that if I push the depth hold mode,it will come to the surface rapidly?
I have sent you the whole parameter text through email?
If not useful,I think I should Shoot the video throughout the process.

I do not know if I have received an email from you, please use your name and reference the forum topic when you send me an email.

I can not determine if you are configured correctly by just looking at a parameter file. It depends on how your wires are physically connected what the parameters should actually be. This is why we have the motor direction configuration step.

Where did you get the pixhawk you are using? GND_ABS_PRESS refers to the pressure reading at boot of the on-board air pressure sensor on the pixhawk. Cloned pixhawks will show 1/2 of the actual pressure. This should not matter in depth hold mode.


I posted earlier in the month about my problems with depth hold and stabilise, rocking with stabilise and shoots up to the surface with depth hold.

I reversed the vertical thrusters and retested it works well now.

OK,next time ,I will use my name and reference the forum topic
I brought the whole bluerov from yours ,but last month ,the pixhawk did not work,so, I had change the pixhwak.
next day ,I will calibrate the joystick again and shoot a video。thank you