Depth hold is not working fine

we’re having trouble in depth hold mode in the ROV. In manual mode the ROV is working fine but during depth hold and stabilize mode the ROV is rolling and it is not in stable position. Also while calibrate the pressure it says EKF2 IMU0 forced reset .

If the vehicle is rolling, it probably means the vertical thrusters are not configured correctly. Can you try and auto-detect the motor directions?

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Hi @SAKTHI, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As @gcelec mentioned, unexpected consistent motion when you switch to a stabilisation mode is generally because of incorrect thruster direction configuration, which you can fix from the Motors Setup Page of QGroundControl.

That’s one of the recommended steps in our Software Setup Guide, so if you haven’t been following that it may be worth having a read through just in case there are any other expected setup steps that you’ve missed :slight_smile:

Ok. Thankyou gcelec

Thankyou for your help, EliotBR

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