Depth hold not working properly

the depth hold mode is not working properly, the ROV moves upwards when the depth hold mode is activated. Do i have to make some changes in the parameter list.
My vehicle is not even working properly in manual mode. It only moves forward, backward and vertically change depth after i changed one propeller from CCW to CW. What seems to be the problem?

It sounds like your Vertical Thrusters are turning in the wrong direction.
In the Manual Mode the ROV should rise when the right joystick on the game pad is pushed forward and should sink when the joystick is pulled back. If it moves just the opposite, then that may explain why your ROV is rising when in the Depth Hold Mode.

“We want to calibrate the joysticks in the opposite way that QGC asks us to do it.”
this is written in the joystick calibration section, in my case currently the ROV sinks when the right joystick is moved forward. But this because of the joystick calibration.

From the Blue ROV Software Setup instructions:

Move the right joystick forwards and verify that the thrusters are running the correct way. Air should be blowing out of the two vertical thrusters towards the bottom of the vehicle. If one of the thrusters is blowing air towards the top, go to Settings in QGroundControl, then go to Parameters and select MOT. Select the motor that is blowing air towards the top and switch the motor direction using the dropdown on the right.”

I believe that your Vertical Thrusters are blowing air/water upwards when the right joystick is moved forward?


On the joystick, the right-hand stick should be moved when prompted to move throttle and yaw. The left-hand stick should be moved when prompted for roll and pitch. The direction in which to actually move the joystick should be interpreted literally, but the picture in the instructions has the left-hand and right-hand sticks that you should be moving switched.

We are working to get a fix for this confusing procedure incorporated in QGroundControl.

Please recalibrate your joystick in this manner, then check your motor directions according to these instructions.