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Unstable during Stabilazed or depth hold mode

Hi, after latest update to 0.0.16 our ROV is not stable when using these two modes.
The ROV is going up and down in the Water.
The previous firmware was stable.
Is there anything we can do to rectify this?
Jan Robert

@pob747 , you probably erased your motor configuration by clicking ‘reset to factory defaults’. Please follow the step by step software setup instructions to make it work properly. Pay special attention the the ‘configure motor directions’ step.

Hi, I have checked everything and motor settings are okay.
The only problem is now depth hold mode.
I have calibrated the pressure sensor but the ROV is still going down in the water.
Defective pressure sensor or something else?
Cheers Jan Robert

Please double check the motor directions. Read the directions on the page carefully. Try switching the checkbox value for ‘reverse’ for the vertical motors 5 and 6.

I checked and it looks okay.
In manual mode the ROV is moving in the correct direction.

The situation you describe is common, and the solution is to configure the motor directions correctly.

It is possible for manual mode to ‘apparently’ be ok with an incorrect motor configuration. And then in the stabilized modes, the behavior is incorrect because the motor configuration is incorrect.

I see, I will check again.
Thanks :blush: