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Vehicle does not work in Stabilize Mode


We have some issues with our BlueROV2. We use the ROV with the Heavy configuration since May 2018 without any problems. Last month we faced some problems with the built-in IMU of the Pixhawk. Therefore, we decided to replace the Pixhawk. The vehicle operate fine in the Manual mode. However, if we switch on the Stabilize mode, the ROV starts struggling and then flipped bottom up. After switching back to Manual Mode, everything is all right. The Firmware is the latest Stable version. I attached the current parameter setting, the log-file. I also tried to upload a short video, but the forum does not allow mp4 files.

Any help and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Best Regards

Christophlog_2_2019-8-28-15-49-30.bin (522.5 KB) Parameters.params (20.1 KB)


This is pretty much always caused by a bad setup of motors.
Either they are spinning the wrong way or connected to the wrong output. Please go to the motors test page and test all the sliders one by one, checking that the correct motors spin and that they do it to the correct direction.

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Hi Willian,
Thanks for your fast reply. As you suggested the motors spin in the wrong direction. I changed it and the ROV is now working fine. Thanks for your support.